The world is your stage What we do With our credo “The world is your stage,” we offer business insight programs for corporations and institutions. Why we do MELLIVE was created on the idea that insight doesn’t come from something ‘better,’ but rather, it comes from something ‘different.’ We wish to share bright business ideas and the creative marketing strategies  of Korean entrepreneurs and start-ups to the world.  Our Programs Business Insight Program is a business study and insight training program for companies, institution or any group of people around the world. read more Start-up Insight Program introduces dozens of start-up companies in Korea. All of them are full of courageous and creative spirit to change the world a better place. You’ll learn how the small idea can nurture and grow to become a product, and lead the next generation. read more How we do it? 1. We find the business with meaningful philosophy Product with meaningful philosophy of the company delivers the message throughout the world and to the next generation. We find only those with valuable messages for our program so you can get a positive insight for your company, institution, and future. 2. We create most effective program curriculum Our program is not a tour. It is a business insight training program. To help you dedicated, we have preview, review, and discussion sessions with reading materials every day to maximize your takeaway. Your vision and attitude will totally change after MELLIVE. 3. We do follow up discussions with people around the world Each program session consists of approximately 10 people from 4-5 companies and institutions around the world. They become a team. They will have a follow up online discussion to share how they’ve applied the takeaway to their work, life, or personal discipline. They all are from different places in the world with different background, but now they are fiends and colleagues! Contact Us + 82 – 10 – 3468 – 0296 (South Korea) Email: Location: 146-19 Beomeo-dong, Suseong-gu, Dae-gu, South Korea Follow Mellive ! The world is your stage