EPB Business Item #3
Hairshop Franchise What is semi-luxury
hairshop franchise? Hair salons in South Korea has successfully created their brand images for being “luxurious but reasonable.” Customers feel they are “well treated” with amazing services and luxurious and relaxing atmosphere, which keeps them loyal. How big is the market? Juno Hair, one of the biggest hair salon franchises in Korea has 180 stores and more than 3,000 employees in Korea, and Its gross sales came in to $172 million USD in the year 2022. What is the strategy? 
How they make
the common so special? Ms Kang, the CEO of Juno Hair got an insight on how to create and organize what customers had always wanted but never seen yet. She’s been well aware of what makes her business consistently dominant in the very competitive business. Apply the Apple store 
to hair salons Ms. Kang adventurously applied Steve Jobs and Apple’s principles to her hair salon business. If you’ve ever thought your business model is somewhat different from the tech field, it’s time to learn from Ms. Kang’s insight and courage! If the story of Juno makes you curious, it’s time to leave and learn. Go to the strange
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