EPB Business Study Item #4
Trevari What is Trevari? You read a book, write a book report, and join a monthly reading meet-up for $46~$61(USD). Online? No, it’s strictly offline, and it now has more than 6,000 members with 40,000 accumulated members in total. People pay for a reading club even paying for the book itself? Does it work? The answer is obviously “Yes.” CEO of Trevari How profitable? It is a start-up company with sharp revenue and popularity, and it currently has 300-400 clubs in operation. Softbank(2019) and Altos Ventures(2020) have already invested $6,713,478(USD) in total. How an offline book club in this contactless era has got such popularity and secured big investment? Desire & Culture Trevari has successfully created a form of experience that fulfills human desires; the desire to be social and intellectual. When everyone was creating online contents to increase subscription, Trevari adventurously moved its focus to offline reading club experience, and has got 40,000 accumulated members! Let the world get more intellectual Let people get closer If you’re curious about how this single idea inspires Koreans and creates reading culture, it’s time to learn. itinerary & cost references