EPB Business Study
Item #5
World of Hyundai In 1967, there was a man in Korea… who convinced Ford’s vice president and finalized automobile manufacture partnership in just 2 hours of free conversation Then after 3 years, the man sold two oil-tanker ships to Sun Enterprises in Greece for $1 billion. Neither the ships nor shipyard existed, but he made it happen. From Barclays to ECGD, when all said ‘no,’ this person made possible that he finally got ECGD(Britain’s Export Credits Guarantee Department)’s approval and secured loan of $34 million from Barclays in 1971. “Do it until nothing more can be done” Chung Ju-yung The founder of Hyundai Group was the one who had strong entrepreneurship with strong and positive willpower, and he turned everything seemingly impossible into the possible. “At the very first time, I noticed he was extraordinary.” -George S. Livanos of Sun Enterprises Ltd.- “Success is 90 percent determination, 10 percent confidence.” It’s our honor to introduce
Chung’s Hyundai Spirit. Learn Hyundai spirit and get infinite insights. This will change your life. Itinerary & Cost references