SIP 2024 
Business List
MELLIVE Korea Choose up to 6 companies
from the list for your program REPLA Industrialization of plastic degrading microorganisms to improve profitability of the plastic recycling industry Dr. Tail A veterinarian consultation platform that helps reduce unnecessary hospital visits by consulting whether pets need medical attention when they show abnormal symptoms. LRHR LRHR offers repair and mending services for designer goods, with reliability and craftsmanship wadiz It is a crowdfunding platform that allows not only reward-type crowdfunding but also investment-type funding to direct investment. Currently, it is the largest crowdfunding company in South Korea in terms of size, number of projects, and brokerage amount. NEAR Brain Based on the patient’s medical image data, 3D brain tissue and cerebrovascular vessels are realized, and the patient’s cerebral blood flow data is analyzed/predicted to support fast and accurate diagnosis by neurologists and neurosurgeons. SPACE WAVY Development and dissemination of second houses based on modular building systems MARU We craft compelling narratives that resonate with your target audience. Our team of seasoned experts combines cutting-edge marketing TMR Founders One-stop start-up platform for individual entrepreneurs hyan AI A data-building platform that connects seniors and AI medipal Online Personal Nurse Subscription Service for Personalized Health Care for Patients with Chronic Diseases GC&Company Online Flea Market Service for Influencers doodlin Recruitment Management Solutions for Businesses MUNICE Neuroscience-based sleep service that provides high-efficiency sleep KSL Korea Senior Lab. Co., Ltd. is a silver-tech startup that makes software for more than 27,000 nursing homes in Korea. Order Plus Food Ingredient Buying, Delivery, and Price Comparison Network for Restaurant Owners